Gramercy Park Studios Upgrades Its Sound Studios to Continue Creative Drive

Gramercy Park Studios Upgrades Its Sound Studios to Continue Creative Drive
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State-of-the-art Avid audio consoles and software provide the most advanced tools for creative sound production

Gramercy Park Studios, a leading provider of post production and creative services, today announced significant audio upgrades for its London-based audio production suites, which service clients across both broadcast and advertising.  

Avid’s audio solutions are at the heart of the expansive upgrade. Pro Tools® | S6 consoles, installed in two of their primary studios, provide a scalable investment with superior ergonomics. And the S6’s intelligent studio control enable GPS to deliver the best sounding immersive mixes faster.  

GPS also relies on Pro Tools | Ultimate for sound design. The newest sound creation enhancements in Pro Tools 2018 enable them to execute their clients’ creative visions more easily. Alongside a variety of compatible partner plugins, including iZotope RX 6, Serato Pitch n Time 3, The Enforcer, Turbine and Envy, Pro Tools | Ultimate provides fast, sophisticated audio creation.  

“Avid was pleased to work closely with GPS through our partners HHB Communications and Scrub on this newest upgrade,” said Rob D’Amico, director of pro audio market solutions and digital business development at Avid. “Their vision of giving customers the very best quality possible through technical innovation closely aligns with ours. They’ve made a huge leap forward with this investment.”

Both studios will also feature new Universal Audio 4-710D four-channel, tone-blending mic pre-amps, and an updated sound effect library with 10 new SFX collections.  

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“Our upgraded audio suites are part of an ongoing expansion to ensure we continue to offer clients a complete, end-to-end service to stay flexible and keep the creative at the heart of what we do,” said Richard Ireland, Managing Director, Gramercy Park Studios. “We’re now beyond our five year anniversary and we didn’t grow this quickly and establish our unique end-to-end approach by staying behind innovation. The upgrade is a step in the right direction for our next chapter.”

The upgrade was completed with AKA Design, who designed and manufactured the custom furnishings and build out with no effect on the existing interiors and little operational down time. The two main audio desks—crafted from aluminium framing with necessary equipment racking and a premium finish—were designed for maximum efficiency and creativity. 

“Since its conception in 2012, we’ve designed and built all of Gramercy Park Studios’ furniture – working closely with the team as it grows and ensuring we keep the style and finish consistent with the interior’s feel,” explained Guy Wilson, Managing Director at AKA Design. “The integrated producer table in Studio 2 helps keep the operator and client closely connected during a session, while maintaining the best acoustic position and good sight lines to the screens.”

The studios will ensure that the Gramercy Park Studios creative teams can meet the needs of wide-ranging customers, including the latest immersive audio formats, in a technically advanced, collaborative workspace. “While the kit is an important part of our service, the key is our talent's ability to bring ideas to life, and these solutions better enable them to do just that,” said Toby Griffin, Head of Audio, Gramercy Park Studios.