Welcome to GramercyParkStudios.com

Welcome to GramercyParkStudios.com
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Since we opened in 2013, a lot has changed.

Driven largely by consumer habits and technology, and therefore the requirements of our clients (be they in the advertising or broadcast media), post-production continues to evolve rapidly.

In this time, the industry has adapted from space-eating tape decks to digital-only facilities. From HD deliverables to 8k and HDR. From stereo mixes to Dolby Atmos. From TV to VR and 360.

What we create has changed along with how we create it.

We’re fortunate that our business has been at the forefront of some of these changes and expanded in the face of continuous challenges. In London, we’ve grown from a team of ten to forty with expansion set to continue in 2020. In New York, we’re putting the finishing touches to our new facility in Hell’s Kitchen. And in Italy, well, stay tuned.

Designed with our clients in mind, we wanted to create a platform that not only showcased our best work but also reflected the creativity of our talent and the range of services we offer while making it easier to navigate, share (via the new Playlist feature) and keep informed (with our news pages and revamped newsletter).

As things continue to change, so will we.

Which is why the site will continue to grow with new features that tie into the way we work.

It’s our Hub and the place to keep up to date with everything we do.

Thanks for visiting.