A Little Brighter Inside

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We partnered with Social Lab, production agency Hogarth and Agile films director Zac Ella, to create a new brand campaign for TikTok, the video-sharing social network that aims to make you feel ‘a little brighter inside’.  

Providing Colour Grading, VFX, MGFX and Sound Design services the spot enforces the app’s position as a platform for personal expression and sharing ways of staying happy and healthy at home. The ad features TikTok users such as Gordon Ramsey, Tinie Tempah and Tom Daley with others taking on challenges including the Blinding Lights dance challenge. It is set to a remix of The Chordette’s Mr Sandman - the original having found a new lease of life on the platform.  

Utilising TikTok’s distinctive branding and interface, the spots use a bold and bright colour palette to reinforce the brand message, whilst aping transitions that the app has become synonymous with.  

TikTok was the most downloaded app globally in the first quarter of 2020 and has been installed over 2 billion times since launch.





Creative Agency

Social Lab


Adam King

Lewis Raven

Production Agency

Hogarth Worldwide

Head of Moving Image

James Brooke-Partridge

Executive Producer

Sally Miller

Assistant Producer

Ancika Mester

Production Company

Agile Films


Zac Ella


Jude Vermeulen



Julia Olsson

Javier Santaella

Sound Design