Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

Hogarth Worldwide: Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 March 2019


At Hogarth we strive to create a working environment where everyone is treated equally regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability. We pride ourselves on creating a diverse and balanced workforce (for example 34% of our UK workforce originates from outside of the UK) as we believe this is a true representation of Hogarth’s values, work and ethos.


The “Gender Pay Gap” is defined as the difference between the average earnings of all men and women in an organisation. This is a separate issue to equal pay, which is the ethical and legal requirement for people carrying out the same or similar work to be paid equally, regardless of gender. Thus an organisation can be entirely compliant with equal pay legislation, but still have a Gender Pay Gap if the different genders in the workforce are not equally distributed as far as seniority and experience are concerned. It is now a requirement for all UK companies with over 250 employees to publish their  Gender Pay Gap data.




In the UK we have a gender balanced workforce. 51% of our workforce are women and 49% are

men. However, there are fewer women in the UK at the senior executive level where pay is highest and consequently we have a Gender Pay Gap. Our female representation at executive level is primarily non- UK based and forms part of our Global Leadership Team (GLT).


We are pleased to report an improvement (i.e. a reduction) in our pay gap figures in 2018. The continuing existance of a pay gap reflects the lower proportion of women in upper pay bands in the UK. Our bonus gap is an anomaly as no STIP payment (Short-term incentive programme) was paid during the reporting period. It is therefore realistic to anticipate the bonus gap to increase in 2019 as a disproportionate number of senior roles are currently held by men. This is something we have been addressing, which is reflected in the reduced overall pay gap for 2018.


Gender Pay / Bonus Gap    
Difference between men and women Mean (average) Median (middle)
Gender Pay gap 21.4% 20%
Gender Bonus Gap -3.5% 0%


Gender Proportion Who Receive a Bonus
Male 3.7%
Female 8.5%


Pay Quartiles No. of Employees Males Females Split
Quartile 1 225 80 145 36:64
Quartile 1 225 96 129 43:57
Quartile 1 225 133 92 59:41
Quartile 1 225 142 83 63:37


We confirm that the information in this report is accurate and prepared in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Richard Glasson, CEO

Jeremy Thompson, CFO