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Gramercy Park Studios offers more than just end-to-end post-production. Our award-winning radio and sound production specialists provide a dedicated client service, from pre-production all the way through to distribution of the final commercials to stations and platforms.

Creativity & Collaboration

Our sound production department is your sound production department. We have unrivalled experience of working directly with clients (marketing teams and in-house creatives) and also alongside their agencies. This partnership ensures creative, production and brand consistency and guarantees you are working with an experienced team dedicated to producing great work in a medium they are passionate about.

Flexibility & Efficiency

With production and studios under one roof, we can respond quickly, flexibly and cost effectively to ensure your timing and budget requirements are met. Working directly with our production department can reduce points of contact and result in work being produced at speed. And if you need to respond to any real-time marketing challenges, we are always on hand to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. 


Case Study - We worked directly with Heinz to produce this Heartwarming Moments campaign featuring Sue Perkins, Barbara Windsor, Chris Tarrant and Griff Rhys-Jones. Click HERE to listen to the full campaign. 

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Heartwarming Moments Radio

Heinz Soup
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Radio Production Services and Solutions

All of our clients are different and need to work in different ways. We can tailor our solutions with your marketing and production needs in mind.  Our radio production services include:

  • Creative consultancy & pre-production

  • Voice casting

  • Music searches & licensing

  • Radio Centre clearance

  • Studio production and voice direction

  • Distribution to stations


Case Study - Our Boots Christmas radio campaign included an extensive 'real people' casting process to support the brand's "Show them you know them" TV activity. Click HERE to listen to the results. 

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Show Them you Know Them Christmas Radio

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With multiple listening devices (mobile devices, laptops, tablets, smart speakers, or traditional ‘dumb’ hi-fi systems adapted to smart) and numerous platforms offering a mass of streamable or downloadable content, audiences can listen to almost anything, anywhere, at any time. And brands can talk to audiences and consumers in a way they've never been able to before. We utilise our expertise and experience to create audio content for any platform, utilising the right talent and technology to bring your project to life.

  • Podcast development and production

  • Branded audio content

  • Audio for digital projects

  • VR/360 and Immersive audio production

  • Voice casting

  • Voice and studio direction


Case Study - We collaborated directly with Which? to produce a series of new radio spots that highlight the rigorous testing that goes on in the Which? test lab. Click HERE to listen to the ads. 

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Brand Radio

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                                                                             Sound Design at Gramercy Park Studios


Gramercy Park Studios is a leading post-production and audio post-production company with facilities in London and New York. We specialise in recording, designing and mixing sound for all media platforms, including TV, cinema, radio, podcasts, digital, and VR / 36O video. Our London studios have Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 accreditation for trailers and commercials and will soon be upgraded with Dolby Atmos for Home Entertainment. As part of our collaborative end-to-end solution, we are also uniquely placed to recognise the importance of sound in shaping projects and throughout the post-production process.


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Sound Design

Sound Design Department Reel
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Established in 2013, Gramercy Park Studios collaborates with agencies, broadcasters, production companies, and directly with clients. Our eight sound studios (three studios in London and five studios in New York), equipped with Pro Tools Ultimate and the latest Avid S6 mixing desks, are built to give our sound designers the ideal environment in which to produce work across all mediums.