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Immersive Audio

Add another dimension to your project with truly immersive, spatial sound.


Spatial sound better places the audience within a scene to create an enhanced viewing or listening experience – to fully immerse them within the world that has been created.

At Gramercy Park Studios, we utilise our talent, technology and cross-discipline approach to create high-end sound for all immersive media platforms and to engage audiences like never before.   

Be it VR, 360 video or audio only productions, we apply our knowledge and creativity as one of the leading audio facilities in both London (with four Dolby Atmos Studios) and New York to place sound at the very centre of the experience.

So, headphones at the ready…..


In this spot for Tag Heuer’s Ayrton Senna range, the audience joins the legendary driver on a recreation of his historic lap at the 1988 Moncao Grand Prix. The use of spatial sound builds drama and intensity - the engine revs, the clock ticks and Senna’s heart beats ever faster as we accompany him through the famous tunnel and streets forever associated with Formula 1.

When the Science Museum launched Wonderlab, we wondered how we could push our machines (much like Ada Lovelace) to use sound design to transport the audience further in to the classic, 8-bit arcade world that the animation team had created.


Jaguar launched its new F-pace model at the Shanghai Motor show. The skyline and streets of the futuristic megacity proved the perfect backdrop for this promo, and we utilised the other-worldly soundscape and high-concept VFX of the vehicle to create a spatial sound mix that truly transports the listener to another place.



This promo from Formula E reimagines the motorsport in a futuristic, hi-tech version of a classic arcade pinball machine. The action is frantic from the start, and the shifting camera perspectives as drivers challenge for the lead around the virtual track allowed our sound designers to create a spatial soundbed that transports the viewer to the very centre of the action.


Vodafone’s Curiosity campaign follows our protagonist from inquisitive teen to trainee astronaut. As her bedroom is transformed in to an immersive digital planetarium, we utilised sound to surround the audience with an out of this world soundscape.


Excedrin wanted to bring migraine sufferer’s stories to life and utilised 360 video to demonstrate the symptoms and how they can be experienced in the workplace. From the vantage point of a pastry chef in a busy restaurant and a paramedic attending an emergency, the audience is placed directly in their shoes as symptoms such as blurs, flashes of light and distorted sound begin to take over the scene, disrupting their ability to do their job. The use of 360 spatial sound design and the 1st person perspective combine to create an extremely unsettling experience.

Through a series of screenings, exhibitions and installations, Selfridges sought to understand what ‘luxury’ means in today's 21st century culture and what it could mean in the future. For this film, we created a soundtrack that mirrored the surreal, avant-garde, multi-dimensional visuals to further transport the audience in this post-modern world.



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