Dante DeSole

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Dante DeSole

Head of Audio, New York

For over 25 years Dante has enjoyed making noise, breaking stuff and adding reverb to things: not necessarily in that order.

Dante’s life in sound began on the club stages of NYC playing guitar in bands throughout the late 80s and 90s. After graduating from the music technology program at NYU, Dante would begin a long association with Philip Glass’ recording complex, “The Looking Glass”, where he would go on to record and mix all genres of music. Artists include The Breeders, Arthur Baker, David Bowie, Code Mesa, Laurie Anderson and Philip himself. Moving into sound for picture, he helped grow GPS NY’s predecessor into a multi-room facility and was incredibly excited to join the international crew of artists at GPS.

When not in front of speakers, you can find him hiking with his family somewhere in the NY area or searching for interesting cake on his bike.