Gramercy Park Studios and WPP Come Together for D&AD New Blood Academy 2019

Gramercy Park Studios and WPP Come Together for D&AD New Blood Academy 2019
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The landscape for young creative talent is challenging; the traditional career path for creative roles has become less and less desirable. The number of students taking A Level English is in steep decline, with STEM subjects valued instead; while softer ‘creative arts’ degrees are often associated with underwhelming salary expectations for graduates. The advertising industry is also engaging with creative talent in an entirely different way. The seemingly age-old concept of the copywriter/art director advertising combo can be perceived as stale and inflexible. Instead, creatives possess a plethora of skills that allow them to occupy a dynamic space within the industry – their interests might lay more in editing, VFX, and motion-graphics, for example, and they must be attuned to the dynamic world of technology and innovation.

“As our industry evolves, we’re seeing a really exciting diversification of creative roles available”, says Hilary Chittenden, senior foundation manager at D&AD. “We understand the importance of working with the industry at the forefront of this evolution to expose new creatives to the breadth of opportunity.”

Organisations like D&AD and Creative Circle are crucial when it comes to bringing through the next talent; breaking down the barriers to entry and providing them with guidance and new prospects. They’re not the only ones, however. Leading post-production facility Gramercy Park Studios are also using their position to provide young creatives with as much knowledge as they need upon entering the industry.

“We believe that we must aid emerging talent in finding the right avenues to succeed,” says Richard Ireland, managing director at Gramercy Park Studios. “As creative leaders, we have a responsibility to find and nurture those individuals who show unique potential in this industry, which is notoriously challenging to break into, regardless of background or qualifications.”

Gramercy Park Studios have been involved in this year’s D&AD New Blood Academy with WPP. Shortlisted entrants had the chance to work at their leading post-production facility in Soho, undertaking sessions with editors and sound designers. This enabled them to gain a better understanding of the relationship between creatives, producers and operators, and the workflows that lead to a finished product.

Ireland adds: “Our aim was to give this year’s crop of New Blood talent an insight into all the different disciplines that interrelate as part of the modern creative process. Production – and the industry as a whole - is not as linear as it used to be. It is multi-faceted, fresh, and exciting. We hope their time at GPS emphasised the need to constantly develop ideas to match this evolving world; to always allow for developing opinions, formats, crafts, and mediums.”

Chittenden believes that this experience will be vital to the development of this year’s successful New Blood entrants. “Gramercy Park Studio's production day offered our 26 award-winning new creatives invaluable exposure to - and hands-on experience of - the production world. We're excited to see how the Academy attendees take this learning and apply it to their careers.”

The New Blood Academy Winner’s exhibition will be on display at Gramercy Park Studios until late October.